A Distinctive Education

Biblical Based Education of the Heart

Tamagawa Seigakuin is a school that helps students realize their own amazing self-worth. Education at Tama Sei seeks to foster a sensitive, yet strong heart, while giving students the tools to help them live with others successfully, no matter what life’s situation may be. As a protestant mission school, Tama Sei’s education is biblically based, teaching a worldview that enables students to accept themselves and find their purpose in life. In this way, students learn to deal constructively with personal and world issues.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
New Testament, First Corinthians 13:13

Our school motto is found in the above scripture text.
・Absolute FAITH in God
・Resilient HOPE in every circumstance
・Unyielding LOVE for people

Wherever she may be, in all of life’s circumstances, even when the future may seem uncertain, a woman who knows the everlasting value of “faith, hope, and love” can move forward with assurance.
Not only that, but at the same time she will have the strength to make peace among those around her.

Educational Philosophy

Tamagawa Seigakuin’s Educational Philosophy can be expressed through the following three points:

1. To discover one’s own unique self.-Education to help each young woman realize her potential.-

The school day at Tamagawa Seigakuin begins with a chapel service and ends with classroom devotionals. These are times before God for quiet reflection, when a student can just be herself. It is an important time in Tama Sei school life.

God made each person as a unique individual. People’s words and critiques don’t change the essential value of the person. To recognize one’s intrinsic worth and to see oneself as a being loved by God are realizations that give one strength for living and inspiration for learning.

One advantage of being a girls’ school is that there is an atmosphere in which a girl can be herself and openly express her opinions. It’s a place where a girl can experience her “unique self,” both physically and emotionally.

2. To realize that it is the differences in individuals that make each person wonderful.-Education of character for living together.-

Realizing one’s own value as a unique individual leads to the development of a heart that also recognizes the value of others. Education at Tama Sei gives opportunity to interact with people different from oneself, with those who may not yet have been included in one’s circle of friendship.

A wide variety of events, including overnight stays, provide rich opportunities to interact and learn to accept one another. Experiences such as club activities, student government, and volunteer work develop students’ abilities to relate to others. Students learn that it is precisely because of each person’s uniqueness that people can experience the excitement and interest of expanding their world together.

In the high school Integrated Humanities course (required in first and second year), sharing together about new encounters helps students develop a deepening understanding of the issues involved in peaceful, human coexistence on this diverse planet of ours.

3. To discover one’s own potential and mission.-International Education Connecting the World.-

Each individual is blessed with wonderful potential, and our world is in need of each person’s use of that potential. In this age of unrelenting dysfunction, people are needed who will continue their efforts to build peace by bringing people together.

Beyond the question of “What do I want to do,” are the more important queries of “What can I do? What should I do?” Each person has a sphere of influence in the world where only they can make a difference.

Aspiration is a matter for the individual. Tamagawa Seigakuin is a school where a young woman can have enough room to struggle, seek and learn about herself and the world in order discover her unique gifts, cultivate a heart for others, and find her mission in the world.